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Triple Triumph: Award-Winning Videos with Heart

KBM has recently received three Gold Muse Awards and acceptance into 2 upcoming film festivals.

Kim Brattain Media’s recent accomplishments have been creating quite the buzz. Their videos “The Relatives,” “Sodoma Law – Anthem,” and “The Nest,” have recently been recognized with awards and selected for prestigious film festivals.

The Relatives,” follows the work of an organization that provides housing, education, and employment counseling to Charlotte’s youth in crisis. “The Relatives” has been selected for the MY HERO International Short Film Festival, an annual event that showcases short films that celebrate heroes from all walks of life, including those who have made positive contributions to their communities, the environment, and society at large.

Sodoma Law – Anthem,” is an energizing, inspiring video that highlights the important work of Sodoma Law in helping families navigate the challenges of divorce. “Anthem” has recently won a Gold Muse Award alongside “The Nest,” which received two Gold Muse Awards.

The Nest” is a heartwarming story about a school for refugee children. It has also been selected for York County’s Underexposed Film Festival, which celebrates independent filmmakers and their unique stories.
KBM thanks its clients for their role in this recognition. The trust and transparency between KBM and its clients have allowed the KBM team to tell stories in a meaningful way that has resonated with audiences.

More than half of KBM’s clients are non-profit organizations, and their success is the company’s success. KBM takes pride in helping clients fulfill their missions and achieve their goals, whether that’s increasing company awareness or launching new initiatives.

As a production company, KBM believes that masterful storytelling through video is the most effective way to get a message across. The KBM team works tirelessly to never lose sight of their client’s story and to tell it in the best way possible.

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