Expert storytellers & Emmy award-winning producers.

Your story drives your brand and one of the best ways to tell your story is through video.  A professional video from Kim Brattain Media will evoke emotion, capture attention, and sway audiences.

We handle all aspects of the video production process.

  • Script & Concept
  • Development
  • Planning the Shoot
  • Script finalization
  • Editing

Corporate Videos

Charlotte, N.C. based Kim Brattain Media brings you the best possible corporate videos.  Our wide range of services covers commercials, corporate identity films, compliance and training videos as well.  We are professional, highly skilled story-tellers, dedicated to making your job easier with a great video.

Documentary Production

Working alongside Mission Film Works, Kim Brattain Media tells the compelling stories that need to be told. A finalist in multiple nationwide festivals, An Act of Trust documents the struggles of refuges in Europe, and how a few people worked to help. 

Our premiere documentary, A Glimpse of Grace: Struggle and Hope in the Congo, was a finalist in several film festivals. Other films include Aftershock: Haitian Orphans After the Quake and The Amazing Grace of McCreesh Place, a documentary on homelessness.

Watch the the trailer and give us a call with your ideas.

We know all about being social

From Facebook to Instagram, to everything else in between, our marketing experts at Kim Brattain Media know how to make a video go viral. Our videos have proven ROI and positive trackable analytics.

 Sports Broadcasting

It’s hard to find a live sports broadcasting crew with more experience than the KBM team. Our team members work at the network level including ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and CBS. We work for various leagues and teams including NCAA, NFL, NBA, UFC, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Checkers, Wake Forest Athletics, Greensboro Swarm, CIAA, etc. We handle small and large projects, including graphics, audio, sideline reporting and announcing.

Fundraising Videos for Non-Profits

A great video raises awareness, donations and inspires people to participate in something bigger than themselves.

But where do you start?  We take you through the process from start to finish.  Here are some things to think about:

Look for that emotional connection!  Why do people love you?  How do you help make this world a better place?

Telling your story though the eyes of the people you help and the lives you change will win support for your cause. 

Compliance Training Films

Need for employees to learn your compliance information in a memorable, interesting way? At Kim Brattain Media, we specialize in just that.

We also can help you with Safety, Training and How-to videos.


Kim Brattain Media has a creative team which thinks “out of the box” to bring your brand unique recognition.  We are there every step of the way: with concept creation, commercial talent casting, scripting, filming and editing.  

Motion Graphics

Brighten up your video presentation with Motion Graphics.  Production experts at Kim Brattain Media can make words jump off a page, bring a simple slogan to life.

The Charlotte, NC video production company offers free consultations.