Marketing Trends for 2022: What are they, and how can video help?

2020 and 2021 disrupted business as usual. While some things will eventually revert to the pre-COVID status quo, others will not — and the latter are what you want to consider when preparing your marketing plan for 2022 trends.

So, What are the Top Marketing Trends for 2022?

1. Hybrid events.

  • People will continue to be reluctant to attend in-person events, whether out of health and safety concerns or simply because home has become our default setting.
  • This means your previously live events need to now reach virtual attendees.
  • A strong digital component is the centerpiece of a hybrid event.
  • Video is the strongest and most cost-effective digital component, allowing you to tell your audience a compelling story that invites them to connect with you and your efforts in a meaningful way. The same video can then be deployed across multiple platforms.

2. Connection, Community, and Customer Experience.

  • Consumers and donors are increasingly looking for authentic voices, ethics that align with their own, and interaction that makes them feel good.
  • Connecting with your audience means sharing your story in a way that resonates.
  • Building your community of supporters and fans requires providing interactive, shareable messaging that clearly communicates your values and intentions.
  • Providing a positive customer experience requires educating and entertaining your audience, in addition to informing them about your brand.
  • Video uses sound and image to convey who you are, why you do what you do, and how your efforts benefit your audience — efficiently, authentically, and with a huge ROI.

3. Be Seen, Heard, and Believed in 2022.

  • How does a prospective customer or supporter find you? SEO prioritizes video, which means you’ll get found faster, and be seen more often, with video.
  • Joining the digital conversation and being mentioned in the press and by like-minded organizations allows you to be heard and positions you as a thought leader. Video not only gets you noticed, it makes it easy for you to communicate your mission and values through memorable sights and sounds.
  • Your organization’s message and “voice” must be clear, consistent, and trustworthy to be believed. Video allows you to get your message across with a voice and story that is authentically yours. And because a single video can be used across multiple platforms, consistency comes naturally.

To make your marketing budget work for you in 2022, you need video. Take a look at what KB Media can do for you, then get in touch!