How to Start Your Non-Profit Video Marketing

Your non-profit organization is your passion, your mission. You want to share that passion with the world, yet you are just beginning to explore the growing platform of video and visual marketing. The benefits of video on your various online platforms are increasing as search engines such as Google are awarding higher SEO ratings to websites with videos on their home page.

If you’ve considered visual storytelling, but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are a few thoughts to get your creative light bulb shining.


Recent studies show that YouTube is the second largest search engine. Who is the first? The search engine giant, Google (who, by the way, owns YouTube). People are searching for videos. They want to watch, be moved, and share with their friends. By having a video that makes your audience laugh, cry, or overall peak their interest, you have created the perfect start of a shareable campaign.

Supportive Housing Communities uses storytelling to pull at heartstrings, with focusing on one client's success story:

Video is not limited to one marketing platform. Social media sharing, website homepages, and even email distribution are just the beginning of the possibilities with video marketing.


A picture is a thousand words, right? Think how much you can say to your audience with more than one image. Are you looking to share the story of a recovered addict who successfully completed your program? How about presenting a powerful overview of your organization to potential donors?

Whatever your purpose of your video, the perfect combination of visuals, music, and script can achieve in moving the viewer. Find your target audience to develop the perfect plan to convey your message.

Take it from one of our clients who told us, “One guest (I found out yesterday) had to walk out during the video portion because it hit too close to home; but she’s planning on making a contribution to further our work.”

What a powerful way to communicate all the passion you have for your own mission!


Did you know 100 million Internet users watch at least one video each day? That’s a huge number of potential supporters for your non-profit mission!

By identifying what stirs your supporters’ hearts and showcasing that part of your mission, you can continue to bring in funding from new faces and returning fans alike. Drive your viewers to connect with your business and mission. Give them a reason to want to back your ideas and goals. Create a call-to-action that will leave your audience wanting to act.

In a recent study, Video and Visual Social Media passed Blogging and Phone Banking in importance in 2015 for the first year yet.  Your supporters are out there; it’s now important to find the best way to reach them.

In a word full of quick scrolling and short messages, it is crucial to find a way to grab your viewers’ attention, keep them engaged, and inspire them to act. Video marketing is becoming a key way to share your story to the world, quite literally, and inspire others to join you.

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