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How to Start Your Non-Profit Video Marketing

Your non-profit organization is your passion, your mission. You want to share that passion with the world, yet you are just beginning to explore the growing platform of video and visual marketing. The benefits of video on your various online platforms are increasing as search engines such as Google are awarding higher SEO ratings to websites with videos on their home page.

If you’ve considered visual storytelling, but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are a few thoughts to get your creative light bulb shining.


Recent studies show that YouTube is the second largest search engine. Who is the first? The search engine giant, Google (who, by the way, owns YouTube). People are searching for videos. They want to watch, be moved, and share with their friends. By having a video that makes your audience laugh, cry, or overall peak their interest, you have created the perfect start of a shareable campaign.

Supportive Housing Communities uses storytelling to pull at heartstrings, with focusing on one client's success story:

Video is not limited to one marketing platform. Social media sharing, website homepages, and even email distribution are just the beginning of the possibilities with video marketing.


A picture is a thousand words, right? Think how much you can say to your audience with more than one image. Are you looking to share the story of a recovered addict who successfully completed your program? How about presenting a powerful overview of your organization to potential donors?

Whatever your purpose of your video, the perfect combination of visuals, music, and script can achieve in moving the viewer. Find your target audience to develop the perfect plan to convey your message.

Take it from one of our clients who told us, “One guest (I found out yesterday) had to walk out during the video portion because it hit too close to home; but she’s planning on making a contribution to further our work.”

What a powerful way to communicate all the passion you have for your own mission!


Did you know 100 million Internet users watch at least one video each day? That’s a huge number of potential supporters for your non-profit mission!

By identifying what stirs your supporters’ hearts and showcasing that part of your mission, you can continue to bring in funding from new faces and returning fans alike. Drive your viewers to connect with your business and mission. Give them a reason to want to back your ideas and goals. Create a call-to-action that will leave your audience wanting to act.

In a recent study, Video and Visual Social Media passed Blogging and Phone Banking in importance in 2015 for the first year yet.  Your supporters are out there; it’s now important to find the best way to reach them.

In a word full of quick scrolling and short messages, it is crucial to find a way to grab your viewers’ attention, keep them engaged, and inspire them to act. Video marketing is becoming a key way to share your story to the world, quite literally, and inspire others to join you.

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The Who, What, and How of Corporate Commercials

If you build a house, you get the plans together and develop a blueprint. In a way, commercial video production is very similar. It takes time to plan and create, following the steps until completion. 

Creating a commercial video production for businesses takes a designer and a builder, and Kim Brattain Media has the guide to get you started.

1. Who is Your Customer?

Deciding on who your customer base for your commercial video production will be will decide multiple factors in your video. Certain demographics will be drawn to certain styles of video and editing. Customers drawn to comedy will want fast-paced and high-energy. Want to pull at heartstrings? Go for moving music and powerful visuals. (a la ASPSA’s “In the Arms of the Angels,” anyone?)

Deciding whom you are trying to reach pushes you forward in many decisions on how you will develop your commercial video production. 

If you decide to go a daring route and are trying to reach a whole new client base, this will take thinking out of the box and diving into your customer’s mind to see what they want to see.

2. What is Your Objective?

Are you pushing a particular service or product? Are you pushing your brand? What do you want your commercial to say about your brand? All these questions are how you get the foundation started in your blueprints.

Beginning with the end in mind will keep you from wandering in uncertainty that will leave you and your customer confused about the message you were trying to say.

The final shot, the last call to action, is many times the determining factor to an effective commercial video production. Keep that strong ending in mind and develop an advertisement that will build up to a steller finale. 

3. How are you distributing?

Until the past few years, this was an easy answer. A commercial was going straight to television. But with companies now finding benefit in being the next YouTube sensation, the “How” of your commercial video campaign is going to make a difference. Traditionally, commercials hit a :30 second or :60 second time slot. This slot fits perfectly in the program manager’s empty spaces in a commercial break. These few precious seconds can either make or break your investment into your commercial video production. 

Going for local television? Make sure you choose the correct market for your clientele. Going for a Super Bowl commercial? Be ready to invest millions just for the time slot to get your ad seen to the largest viewing population. 

But what about online commercials? YouTube gives the option to subscribers to allow for ads to play before their video. If you have an ad that you carefully choose for your market, you have a few seconds to encourage them to click out of the video and onto your website. Your investment into your commercial video production is valuable; be sure to make every moment count.

There are now literally billions of videos out on the web and television today. Your job is to stand out. Sound impossible? It’s actually not with the right plan in place and an experienced designer to see you through your commercial video production. Kim Brattain Media has years of experience behind our development team to help you create the blueprint of your dreams.

3 Tips in Planning a Corporate Idenity Video

Anywhere you go, you may get asked for your ID. We spend (lots of) time at the DMV office just to pick up a plastic card with our basic information. It's that little piece of plastic that gives excited teenagers their first taste of freedom. 

Identity is important in our personal lives, but what about for your business? What snapshot do you want your potential, or current, customers to know about you? 

At Kim Brattain Media, we work with many businesses to get their message across through corporate identity videos. This video productions give your viewer a glimpse inside the heart of your business

Looking to move forward with a corporate identity video? Here are a few things to keep in mind!

  1. Remember Your Roots - Get down to the core values. Do you specialize in fast service? Let that value stay in your mind as you plan your corporate identity video. Do you believe your business is founded on integrity? Let that key word guide you as you begin forming your identity. Telling your story is the most important part of a corporate identity video, no matter how short or long the segment may be. Let your potential and current clients know who you are!

  2. Watch Your "Tone" - Maybe you heard that phrase growing up in your teenage years by an aggravated parent, but let's put a positive spin on the phrase! Tone is an important aspect of your corporate identity video. Looking for something fun and lighthearted? Make sure it goes back to your core values. Want to hit the heart of your viewers? A more subdued, moving feel with powerful music and visuals will reach your goals better. 

  3. Communication is Key - Communicating your goal begins day one, when you first decide to move forward with a corporate identity video. Whether you are a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company, the better your communicate, the better your end result will be! Once you communicate your goal of your corporate identity video to the Kim Brattain Media team, our goal then becomes to communicate your identity to the world! We stay in communication with you through the process and make sure that you are completely satisfied to how your voice is shown through your voice in your corporate identity video.

Video is an important part of marketing. With the many avenues available to display video online, video marketing with corporate identity videos is a great way to grow and expand your company's scope and vision.

Looking to get started with your corporate identity video? Contact our team to get started!