3 Tips in Planning a Corporate Idenity Video

Anywhere you go, you may get asked for your ID. We spend (lots of) time at the DMV office just to pick up a plastic card with our basic information. It's that little piece of plastic that gives excited teenagers their first taste of freedom. 

Identity is important in our personal lives, but what about for your business? What snapshot do you want your potential, or current, customers to know about you? 

At Kim Brattain Media, we work with many businesses to get their message across through corporate identity videos. This video productions give your viewer a glimpse inside the heart of your business

Looking to move forward with a corporate identity video? Here are a few things to keep in mind!

  1. Remember Your Roots - Get down to the core values. Do you specialize in fast service? Let that value stay in your mind as you plan your corporate identity video. Do you believe your business is founded on integrity? Let that key word guide you as you begin forming your identity. Telling your story is the most important part of a corporate identity video, no matter how short or long the segment may be. Let your potential and current clients know who you are!

  2. Watch Your "Tone" - Maybe you heard that phrase growing up in your teenage years by an aggravated parent, but let's put a positive spin on the phrase! Tone is an important aspect of your corporate identity video. Looking for something fun and lighthearted? Make sure it goes back to your core values. Want to hit the heart of your viewers? A more subdued, moving feel with powerful music and visuals will reach your goals better. 

  3. Communication is Key - Communicating your goal begins day one, when you first decide to move forward with a corporate identity video. Whether you are a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company, the better your communicate, the better your end result will be! Once you communicate your goal of your corporate identity video to the Kim Brattain Media team, our goal then becomes to communicate your identity to the world! We stay in communication with you through the process and make sure that you are completely satisfied to how your voice is shown through your voice in your corporate identity video.

Video is an important part of marketing. With the many avenues available to display video online, video marketing with corporate identity videos is a great way to grow and expand your company's scope and vision.

Looking to get started with your corporate identity video? Contact our team to get started!